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Mohamed Hasabella

The fishing vessel “FV Mohamed Hasabella” or “MOHAMMED HISABELLA” in 30m water depth. A traditional Egyptian
fishing trawler, which sank in January of 2007.

We dived and scanned both wrecks on July 19th 2022 during one dive.

Vorpostenboot 1101

My teams GEZEITENTAUCHER and GHOSTDIVING GERMANY worked together in a project week in May 2023. The divers from Ghostdiving were cleaning the wrack of V1101 from ghost nets. And I was able to make a full scan of the wreck for photogrammetry.

continue here: V1101

Cutting one ghost net on V1101

The picture shows her last minutes on surface. The photo was taken by the plane that sunk her on Aug 13th 1944


The project leader Derk gave the model to the main sponsor of this project week: NV Versicherung

Torpedoboot SMS S-32

Iron shipwreck 20km west of Fehmarn. It lies in 18m water depth.
On April 3, 2023, our team of three divers surveyed the wreck by scanning it with cameras for photogrammetry. In addition, the wreck area was measured using a tape measure.

You can find the complete survey report here: German

Both the position, its dimensions, as well as the basic structure and the steam boiler, which is unusual for German torpedo boats, leave no doubt that it is the torpedo boat SMS S32, which sank in 1910 after a collision. SMS S32, was a torpedo boat of the Imperial German Navy. She was built in 1886 by Schichau in Elbing as one of many small torpedo boats of a similar design for the German Navy. The S32 was the only one of its series to be fitted with two Yarrow boilers for testing.

S32 served from 1894 to 1899 as a training boat with the 1st Torpedo Division in Kiel. From June 5, 1910, S32 served as a tender for the light cruiser Danzig, which was subordinate to the Naval Artillery Inspectorate for the training of the fleet’s gunners. During the night of August 16/17, she was involved in a collision with the torpedo boat S76 in the Kiel outer fjord. Danzig came to the rescue with tenders and took on their crews. Both boats sank, although S76 was later salvaged and returned to service.

Art – Scanning sculptures

Scanning without getting wet? Sounds crazy, but is possible!
You can find my collection here: Art

BOOT 2023 Düsseldorf

We were on the BOOT show in Düsseldorf / Germany. Some of my models were shown and I held some presentations about wreck identification and photogrammetry.

Deepest mailbox of the world

19m (63ft) unter sea level – probably the deepest mailbox in the world. The diving center Kreidesee offers to send postcards, which can be sent from this mailbox. For this purpose, waterproof postcards can be purchased in the diving center. The mailbox is emptied weekly and the cards are stamped and sent.

Build your own ‘Rüttler’ model

Download the STL-Files for printing here: Ruettler – 19,95 EUR

Thistlegorm V2

I used the opportunity in Egypt to capture the missing areas of the Thistlegorm wreck. The starboard locomotive was missing as well as the bow area and the sandy bottom. We spent one whole day at that wreck and I made three dives there to scan these areas.

Visit my page of the Thistlegorm here

Download the files for Printing: Shop

Comparison old vs. new


The Starboard and portside locomotives look almost the same.

Crowded place

The Thistlegorm is a famous diving spot. Many ships with many divers were there. Not the best conditions to scan a wreck.

Thistlegorm cargo

I captured one cargo hold of the Thistlegorm. It contains trucks, motorcycles, guns, airplane wings, etc… She is full of equipment for the war during WW2.

You can find the complete ship here: Thistlegorm

3D at Sketchfab


You can download the STL-File here


The ship was built 1871 in Sunderland. It had sails and a steam machine. A spare propeller lies on the deck. 78m x 10m Cargo: Coal
Hit the reef Shag Rock in the red sea in 1881.
I scanned the wreck on Nov 15th 2022 during one dive.

TV report on NDR

The German TV station NDR made a small report about my work. It was sent Nov. 7th 2022.

You can see the video here: Mediathek

TV Shootings NDR

The German TV station NDR filmed my work. We shot in my workshop and in the museum WINDSTÄRKE 10 (Cuxhaven). The museum has recently exhibited one of my models – the Escort vessel V812.

During the takes, I scanned the conning tower of Submarine HMS E24, that is exhibited in the ‘wreck section’ of the museum.

Tower of submarine E24

During the takes, I scanned the conning tower of Submarine HMS E24, that is exhibited in the ‘wreck section’ of the museum.

Exhibition Museum Cuxhaven

The museum WINDSTÄRKE 10 (Cuxhaven) added one of my models to the exhibition: Escort vessel V812. This wreck was identified by me and my team Gezeitentaucher in 2019. You can find more ‘making of’ here.

Making of

Making Of

Exhibition in Lithuanian Museum

I am proud to tell that we can exhibit models, pictures, paintings and stories about two wrecks in the maritime museum of Klaipėda / Lithuania. We from the BalticSeaHeritageRescueProject worked on the creation of the exhibits for about three years. About 500.000 visitors will see this exhibition during the next 12 month. In fact, these two wrecks were the largest models I’ve built to date.
You can find the exhibition at the Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipeda: – The models are located at the end of the Aquarium tour.

Edith Bosselmann

This steamer sank in the second World War. All lives were lost. Our team of the BalticSeaHeritageRescueProject found and identified the wreck.

My model at the exhibition

Elbing IX

This steamship sank in the first World War. Her sacrifice saved 1000 lives. More here: ELBING IX

My model at the exhibition


They made a great animation of the Elbing IX to tell her story and bring her back to life. It was unbelievable when I saw that! There were even video goggles to stand on the bridge while the ship hits the mine.


Herbert Buss from Germany (Moormerland) made these fantastic paintings for the exhibition. It is oil on canvas (50 x 70cm).
Visit his website here:


Conference at the museum

There was a conference about the stories of Baltic Sea at the maritime museum of Klaipeda. I spoke about “Wreck identification and photogrammetry”.

My presentation about wreck identification and photogrammetry.

You can find all presentations of the conference here and here


We “Gezeitentaucher” (tide divers) finally got our new boat. We made our first trip to the escort vessel “Vorpostenboot V810”, that sank July 1944 after air raid attack.

More here