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Kommen und Gehen – Leer

The sculpture “Frauenakt – Kommen und Gehen” by the German artits Karl-Ludwig Böke. It is located in the city of Leer / Germany.


Bronze sculpture made by the German artist Karl-Ludwig Böke in 1992 In the German city Leer. Wikipedia

Teelke – Leer

The sculpture “Teelke” by the german Artist Karl-Ludwig Böke (1927-1996) in the city of Leer – Germany

Jantje Vis

Sculpturen Jantje Vis in EMDEN / Germany

Ottos Ottifanten

Otto Waalkes is a famous comedian in Germany. He invented these funny elephants. The sculpture shows two Ottifants kissing. Visitors will find them in the former Emden working-class district of Port Arthur/Transvaal. This is where the famous comedian Otto Waalkes grew up, the second son of a master painter. The statue he made himself is a gift from him to the city and his former residential area. Location

Friedrich Wilhelm der Große Kurfürst

Friedrich Wilhelm the Great Elector 1640-1688. Sculpture in Emden on the Knock (pump station).

Friedrich II von Preussen

Prince of East Friesland 1744-1786. Sculpture in Emden at the pumping station


Sculpture of the street sweeper Peterke Janßen de Boer (1887 to 1956) in the Große Straße in Emden. The work of the sculptor Karl-Ludwig Böke (1927 to 1996) from Leer was commissioned by the Sparkasse Emden and inaugurated in 1986.


Venus (Greek: Aphrodite) was the personification of love and beauty. Facing her and looking up at her, one sees the childlike Cupid (Greek: Eros) as companion and helper, who in turn embodied earthly love.
Located in the Landesmuseum Emden.

Sculpture of Athena – Minerva in Emden

Probably the Dutch school of sculpture, 2nd quarter of the 18th century. sandstone Commissioned by the East Frisian princely house of Cirksena, whose male line died out in 1744, for the palace garden in the Aurich residence. They then came into East Frisian private ownership. The creator of the very impressive, classically posed, late Baroque figures is probably a sculptor from the Netherlands. In Minerva (Greek: Athena) one saw the militant patron of all sciences, arts and other skills of peace and war. This is also signaled by their attributes: the magnificently decorated (now damaged) helmet and the lance, which has been preserved in fragments, refer to the craft of war. The owl represents wisdom. The shield with the snake-haired head is that of Medusa, one of the three fearsome gorgons whose gaze petrified everyone it met. Located in the Ostfriesische Landesmuseum Emden


The bronze sculptures of the Delft spitters Jan Rehbein, Hinnerk de Vries and Joke Rinne. They stand for three elderly sailors who met at the port of Emden to chat and spit chewed tobacco into the harbor basin.