TA35 Giuseppe Dezza

TA35 Giuseppe Dezza was an Italian destroyer named Pilade Bronzetti and built in 1916. She operated in the First World War. In 1929 her name was changed and she became the Giuseppe Dezza.

In September 1943 she was rebuilt as a torpedo boat for the German Kriegsmarine and her name changed to TA-35. On on the 17th August 1944 she ran onto a mine and broke in two pieces. 71 soldiers lost their lives.

Dimensions: 73 x 7,3 x 2,7 (m)
Material: steel
Motor: 2 x Tosi steam turbines, 4 boilers, dual shaft, 2 screws
Weapons: 2 x 1 4/35 (102mm) guns, 6 x 20mm/65 A.A. guns, 4 x 17.7 (450mm) torpedo tubes, 10 x mines

The wreck

The wreck lies a few nautical miles off the coast of Istria between Pula and Rijeka and can be accessed from virtually any dive center in the area.

From Rovinj, you can reach it within around 30 to 60 minutes with the the diving boat. Diving the wreck of TA 35 is relatively easy and also possible for accompanied, advanced beginners.

The two parts of the ship are about 70 meters apart in about 34 meters of water depth. Because of this distance, it takes two dives to explore the two pieces of wreckage. The slightly larger stern section lies upright on the flat bottom, while the front section lies on the port side.
The two 10.2 cm L 45 guns are still impressive. Two 2 cm quadruple guns are also clearly visible. One of the gun platforms has fallen over, but the second is still in its original position and the gun barrels protrude threateningly. The two quadruple guns contradict the final armament of the torpedo boat listed in the literature. Only a quadruple gun is specified. The boat broke apart in the engine room area. This part is destroyed or missing. The rear part ends in a field of rubble shortly after the broken quadruple gun. The bow part ends just behind the bridge.
Unfortunately, the control devices are already missing. As you dive alongside the wreck, you are reminded that it is a war grave of 71 people.

The model

As on the seabed, the model is separated into two pieces. You can find the model in my download area.

Bow section

Stern section