Kyra Eleni

MV KYRA ELENI ran aground on S. Gaidaro Island, Cape Sunion on the 6th January 1978. Today, the wreck rests in shallow waters with max. 30 Meters and is a popular diving spot.

Cargo ship with 99 meters length and 3658 tones transport capacity, built in 1949. The ship sailed at about 21.00 on 5 January 1978 from Lavrio to Bulgaria, without cargo and with ballast. Since midnight, the weather started getting worse with a wind of 8Bft and huge waves. The captain decided to go to a lee side of Patroklos island, waiting the weather conditions to get better. When MV Kira Eleni reached this bay, the crew was ready to anchor at a small distance of the coast. But although it had dropped its left anchor, it crashed into the rocks with its left side. They immediately broadcasted a danger signal and all the passengers abandoned the ship and reached the rocks using a ladder. The ship sunk at about 14.50 on 6th Jan 1978. The next day, the shipwrecked people were saved by a rescue boat. More Information here.
You can download the files for 3D-Printing here: Download