Temperature Measurement System (TMS)

I’ve developed and built a measurement station to measure the water temperatures of the lake Kreidesee Hemmoor. It measures in different depths up to 50m. You can find the measurement-page with live-data here: tms.dive3d.eu
And my 3D-models of the UW-objects here: Hemmoor

Temperature vs depth

You can find some history data and graphs here: Link

The electronic

It is an own development. The sensors (Dallas 1-wire bus) are connected in a bus system and read out by the microcontroller. The data is sent by a GSM modem using SMS. At home my server receives the SMS by an other GSM modem which processes the data and sends it to my website: tms.dive3d.eu

Testing and calibration

I tested and calibrated each sensor in ice-water, because ice-water has a temperature of exactly zero degree Celsius.


Lars Konrad and I installed the measurement system in April 2024

One thought on “Temperature Measurement System (TMS)”

  1. echt geil gemacht. Wie sieht es denn mit der Stromversorgung aus?
    Mich würde interessieren, ob man das Ganze auch auf LoRaWAN umbauen könnten?
    Hätte schon Interesse daran, bei uns aus See ein paar Temperaturen zu erfahren.

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