Arrigo (John Gilmour)

The steamer ARRIGO was built in 1883 in Glasgow (Great Britain). It sank on October 31, 1894 after it was hit by the steamer VENEZIA.

The wreck is usually called “John Gilmour” (or Gilmore) because when it wasn’t identified yet, divers found a plaque with the name of the engine manufacturer “John Gilmour & Co Engineers Glasgow 1883”. Most of the diving centers still use the wrong name.

The wreck lies at a depth of 36-43 m, is relatively well preserved and is also easy to dive inside.

Shipyard: W.Hamilton & C. – Glasgow
Tonnage: 505 GRT.
Engine: C.2cy; 150 hp; J. Gilmour & C. – Glasgow
Crew: 14
Armaments port: Trieste (AU)
Sank on October 31, 1894 due to a collision.
Last Owner: Consorzio Navigazione a Vapore Ragusea
prev. owners:
– Pastorino C. fu Chiappara P., Genoa SS CAROLINA P. (1886 ~ 1890)
– Melmore J. & Co., Maryport SS HEATHERCLIFF (1883 ~ 1885)

The model

We scanned the wreck in June 2024 during one dive. You can download the 3D-Files in my Download area.

Sinking report

On the night of October 30th to 31st, 1894, while traveling from Bari to Venice, it collided with the Hungarian steamship Venezia off the coast of Brioni. The crew was rescued by the Venezia itself; no losses.
(Thanks to Danijel Germek for proving the historical information)

The hole

The impact point on the starboard side can be clearly seen on the wreck.

Wrong name

The wreck has gotten its name from a metal plate that was found on it and which read “John Gilmore”, but that is not the real name of the ship but an English engine producer of that time. However, that is the name under which the wreck is now known