In the early hours of the 16th August 1887 the ULYSSES struck Gobal Seghir, Aegypt. At first it seemed that the damage was slight and the pumps could easily handle the small amounts of water being taken on. But the ship was stuck on the reef and the damage got worse. So, she broke in two pieces and sunk some days later. Today the wreck lies between 5 and 28 meters.
You can find the 3D-files in my Download section.

The Dive

I scanned the wreck on April 3rd 2022. Scanning was really a pain, because the current was brutal, the visibility wasn’t very good and there were too many fishes. That was no fun at all and I was quite exhausted after the dive. Not the best conditions to scan. But in the end I got a model of that wreck.

The Model

You can find the Ulysses Model in my Download area.