CS Retriever

The British cable ship Retriever was built in 1909. It was moved to the Mediterranean in 1940. On April 12th, 1941, the cable layer Retriever was on her way from Lemnos to Piraeus, when she was spotted by German bombers, off Phelera. She was subsequently dive-bombed and sunk. From the crew of 46, 11 were killed in the action.
The wreck lies in around 50m water depth and is covered by ghost nets. We scanned this wreck in September 2023. Technical divers can dive the wreck with Nikos Vardakas from Scubalife.gr for example. More pictures and information here: Wrecksite

You can download the files for 3D-Printing here: Download

Model at Sketchfab

Video about CS Retriever

Top2Bottom made a great video about the ship and its faith.