Wreck in 25- 48m water depth. In the Gulf of Corinth – close to Patras (Greece). The ship (42m long) was built in GB as fishing vessel Lord Bradbury in 1925 by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd. During WW2 it was converted to a Aixos class minelayer: 1x 37mm gun, 1x machine-gun, 40x mines. It was owned by Hellenic Royal Navy. On April 23rd, 1941, the minelayer RHS NESTOS was attacked by German aircraft. They managed it to bring the minesweeper close to the shore. It sunk after the war in deeper water while trying to raise the ship. There is still a strong rope from the stern of the ship into shallow waters. If you want more information, look here.


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The dive

It is a easy shore dive, but not too shallow. You have to follow the coast in around 30m otherwise you might miss the wreck.

Mooring ton

A big (mooring) ton is attached to the ship by ropes in the stern area. Probably the used this for raising or stabilize the ship.

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