Steamer Edith Bosselmann

Baltic sea: Steamer EDITH BOSSELMANN ex. Rita Maersk
Year of construction: 1925 Sunk: 1942
Cause: torpedo attack from submarine or mine (2nd World War)
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Elbing IX

She sunk during the First World War in 1914
The Elbing 9 was on the way to rescue the shipwrecked man from the armored cruiser Friedrich Carl when it ran into a mine.
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Artillery school ship Carl Zeiss

This training ship sank during the second world war close to the harbor of Klaipeda. It is such a beautiful wreck!
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The VIIC class submarine U-580 sank 1941 in the Baltic Sea off Memel after a collision with the German target ship ANGELBURG.
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Railway Barge

The barge was a carrier without propulsion or sails and carried railway material. Looks like it is quite old.
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32m Fishing vessel

This seems to be a sunken fishing vessel. It is about 32m long and not identified yet.
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23m Fishing vessel

Another fishing vessel. Not identified.
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Anna Katrin Fritzen

The wreck of a totally destroyed steam ship close to Klaipeda was identified by our team as German vessel from EMDEN.
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Warre of Hull

Andrey and I were inspecting and measuring a wooden ship wreck close to Klaipeda in 38m water depth. We were lucky, because we found the bell with the inscription of the ship’s name. So, we could identify the wreck in one single dive.
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