North sea

Our team gezeitentaucher dives in the north sea and searches for wrecks.

Wreck X

The wreck of the german steamer ELSA of cpt, Weitendorf sank 1936 in a storm.

Escort vessel V812

The vessel sunk 1944.

Wreck of V812 Vorpostenboot

North sea: WreckY – Swedish steamer OSSIAN

Built: 1892
Sank 1941
Cause: World war II
We examined this wreck for the first time in 2020. It turned out to be the Swedish steamer Ossian, which drove in a convoy on its way from Sweden to Rotterdam and was sunk by English planes.
Here the report: German or Englisch 
Website @Gezeitentaucher: WrackY
More information by Adam de Kaminski in Swedish or English

Wreck of OSSIAN

Small steam tug

2020 we found this small tug in the north sea. It is still not identified yet.

Dampfschlepper in der Nordsee