LAZZARO – tank ship DROSSEL ex. Citerna 5

This German tank ship sunk during WW2 at Lazzaro (Italy). Size: 50m x 4,8m. It is close to the shore and lies on a sandy seabed, parallel to the beach. The bow is facing north 36 m deep and with the stern 44 m deep.

DROSSEL ex Citerna 5

Built 1933 by Jos. Boel & Zonen, Tarnise (BEL) for Citerna S.A., Paris. Size: 50,82 x 5,04m. Motor: 5-cyl. 5RKW25 Gebrüder Sulzer aus Winterthur. Ps 250. Register Number: LY1197F

– June 23, 1933 Owner: Citerna S.A., Paris, commissioned as French. M/T CITERNA 5.
– February 12, 1943 Telex to Military Commander France, Mineral Oil Group, Paris: “It is requested to confiscate the following 12 Rhone type tankers: CITERNA 1, CITERNA 10 – 19, owner Citerna, LA CARNARGUE, owner Deamarais. The tankers are urgently needed for the Air Force’s supply purposes. An authorized representative of the Air Force will report to the military command in the next few days to initiate the takeover negotiations. France. The barges are to be transferred from Marseille to Naples.”
– June 29, 1943 Renamed in DROSSEL, 1st Transport Flotilla.
– August 6, 1943 †, Cap del Armi, sunk by aerial bombs.

The wreck was identified by Fillppo Mallamaki (
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Photo mosaic

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