Kaptan Ismail Hakki

KAPTAN ISMAIL HAKKI was a Turkish motor cargo vessel on route from Ismir for Marseille carrying a cargo of zinc oxide when she foundered off Cape Maleas in a gale/ storm on the 29th July 1978 Built: 1970 Dimensions: 58,3 x 9,1 x 4 (m)

The wreck of the Turkish cargo ship Kaptan Ismail Hakki, is located in the bay of Agia Marina, Laconia. The ship is said to have had a sudden displacement due to heavy sea turbulence and sank in the early evening hours of January 30, 1978, 106 meters off the nearest shore. Witnesses say that thanks to the efforts of a shepherd who was in the area at the time, there were no casualties from the sinking of the ship. The wreck lies on the seabed at 12 meters depth and on its last voyage it’s cargo comprised 578 tons of iron ore and a car. This merchant ship was built at the Gesan Shipyard in Constantinople in 1969. It is a very nice shipwreck, lying on its left side on white sand. More information here: wrecksite

Our team #kostafastgarnix dived and scanned the wreck in September 2023

Drawing by Der Wrackzeichner

The Dive

Our team #kostafastgarnix dived and scanned the wreck in September 2023. UW-pics by Tim Ollmann

The model

The model is made in two pieces. The support is already integrated. You can find the files in the section: Download

The car

There is a car in cargo hold one.