The Kaiser Friedrich was a North German Lloyd express steamer completed in 1898. Because the ship did not reach the required speed, it was returned to the Schichau shipyard. Even after numerous modifications, the ship did not reach the speed of 22 kn to achieve the Blue Riband for the fastest connection to the USA. On March 30, 1900, the Kaiser Friedrich set off on her first transatlantic voyage after the renovation. Seven more transatlantic voyages followed until the ship was returned to Schichau in November of the same year and laid up in Hamburg for the next twelve years. In 1912 the steamer was sold to the French Compagnie de Navigation Sud-Atlantique and sailed to South America as Burdigala. During the First World War, the ship was used by the French Navy as an armed troop transport. In November 1916, the former Kaiser Friedrich hit a mine in the Aegean Sea and sank. The wreck was found off the island of Kea in 2007 and examined and identified in 2008 by a team including Dimitri Galon (Hamburg). It is 70m deep and 200m long .We dived the wreck this year and I managed to get a full 3D scan.
If you want more information of Burigala, I can recommend a video: link and a paper by Dimitris Galon: Link. Or this website: Keadivers
Technical divers can dive the wreck with Nikos Vardakas from Scubalife.gr for example.

The dive

Our team #kostafastgarnix dived and scanned the wreck in September 2023.

The big Model

My 3D model has just been finished. It is 115cm long and really impressive. For sure one of my best models so far!


Check out this Photomosaic! It has a resolution of 1cm per pixel and shows every small detail.

You can distribute this picture, if you don’t remove the text.


My friend Alex (Wrackzeichner) made this beautiful sketch of the Burdigala,


Your own model of Burdigala!

Do you have a 3D-Printer (or some friend tha has one)? Great! You can get the 3D-Files in my shop: here

Making of video