September 2023 we went to Greece to scan some wrecks. Here you will find the first results. But processing them all will take some month…

MV Pylaros [+1976]

Wreck in 35 – 52m water depth in Greece off the coast of Faliro. It is covered with ghostnet, that makes the wreck look like a ghost ship. Ghostnet are fishing gears that were lost by fishing vessels. Continue here

Kyra Eleni [+1978]

MV KYRA ELENI ran aground on S. Gaidaro Island, Cape Sunion on the 6th January 1978. Today, the wreck rests in shallow waters with max. 30 Meters and is a popular diving spot. Continue here

Torpedo Boat KYDONIAI [+1941]

The shallow wreck at the Greek island Monemvasia in 20m water depth. These are the remains of a steel ship. Continue here


Wreck in 35m water depth close to the cementery at Monemvasia. Loaded with 50,000,000 drachmas in bank notes from the Bank of Greece. Continue here

CS Retriever [+1941]

The British cable ship Retriever was built in 1909. On April 12th, 1941 sunk by German bombers. Continue here

Minesweeper NESTOS [1941]

Wreck in 25- 48m water depth. In the Gulf of Corinth – close to Patras (Greece). Sunk in WW2 close to the shore. Continue here

Ancient Theatre Epidauros

…not a wreck, but quite a nice model here


Wreck in 12m water in Plytra Bay, Laconian Bay, Peloponnese (Greece).
Built in 1888. Sunk during WW2 on April 26th, 1941 after attack by German aircraft. Link