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Gezeitentaucher: Holger Buss, Dirk Terbeek, Dirk Heinemann, Wilfried de Jonge, Thorsten
Bakker, Oliver Hirsch, Thorsten Lex, Ulrich Hofmann, Michael Rosendahl

I am proud to be a Gezeitentaucher.
Since 2007 a group of currently nine scuba divers in the North Sea. The group is called “tide divers” because diving in the North Sea is heavily dependent on the tides. They document the wrecks without recovering any objects. The focus is on the identification of the  recks, monitoring and preservation. In 2017 they completed the special course underwater archeology I from the VDST (Association of German Sports Divers) with Dr. Florian Huber. The methods of
measurement, 3D modeling and documentation have been used since then. Typical destinations are the wrecks within a 35km radius of Norddeich Hafen. Some of the wrecks are known, many are still unknown. The experienced divers use diving equipment with 2 * 12L
Nitrox32 in DIR configuration. A rib (high-performance inflatable boat) with a fixed hull and 225 HP is used as a means of transport, lying in Norddeich Hafen There are GPS, echo sounder and
sidescan sonar on board.


Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project

The Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project is an organization in which
people from many countries volunteer for protection of the Baltic Sea.
They find and remove lost ghost nets, search, identify and document
wrecks to protect them and keep their stories alive. It finances itself
through donations and public funds. As a registered and recognized
non-profit organization, donation receipts may be issued. The Baltic Sea
Heritage Rescue Project works closely with the University of Klaipėda
and relevant ministries and archaeologists as well as the museum.
Due to the depth of the wrecks, only so-called technical divers are used who dive with helium
mixtures at depth and increased levels of oxygen in the decompression phase.



Ghost Diving is a registered charity founded in 2012 and run by volunteer scuba divers who have specialized in the removal of lost fishing gear and other marine debris since 2009. The organization was previously known as Ghost Fishing Foundation.

Ghost Diving is the largest, and most experienced global diving organization working on the ‘ghost fishing’ topic with a track record in a significant variation of countries and international waters. ‘Ghost fishing’ is a common term that describes what happens when derelict fishing gear ‘continues to fish’, another term used is abandoned, lost, or otherwise discarded fishing gear (ALDFG).

Ghost Diving consists of exclusively volunteers carrying out innovative and challenging nature conservation projects independent or with the help of known and unknown fellow environmental organizations. Our efforts have brought the phenomenon of ‘ghost fishing’ to the attention of the public through key international collaborations, inspiring underwater photography, and unparalleled results.

“Ghost fishing gear is everywhere, but so are we!”