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    this is a website about wreck diving and especially 3D modeling of wrecks. I have created so much material (photos, videos, site survey reports and 3D models) that it was time to put it on a dedicated website. 
    Holger Buss


  • Aegypt 1
    My wife and me went on a diving safari to the Red Sea. We did the ‘North Tour’ with lots of wrecks. The Goal: Nine wrecks in fife Days – that was quite a challenge! We took the Ship MY BLUE PEARL from https://www.blueplanet-liveaboards.com/ It will take some days to process all the data. You … Continue reading Aegypt 1
  • Messinghausen
    SEE IM BERG – “MESSINGHAUSEN” – An old quarry in a mountain is a great diving spot in Germany. https://www.see-im-berg.de/ Find the files for 3D-Printing here: Messinghausen
  • Wetnotes: Carl Zeiss
    Six pages in the diving magazine #wetnotes about our investigation of a wreck in the Baltic Sea. The inevitably uninteresting wreck ‘W30’ turns out to be the training ship ‘Carl Zeiss’ that sank in the Baltic Sea during World War II. We examined and scanned it as part of the BalticSeaHeritageRescueProjects. My model will be … Continue reading Wetnotes: Carl Zeiss
  • Grossensee
    There is an old lake “Großensee” close to Hamburg. The underwater archaeologist Elmar Klemm examines the history of the lake and the wooden wrecks. I was invited to make the 3D-Models for the project.Elmars website: historytaucher.de See my 3D-Collection at Sketchfab.com here Wreck One The main wreck and the biggest so far. It was an … Continue reading Grossensee
  • Model of V812
    The Escort vessel “Vorpostenboot 812” was found and identified in 2019 by the Gezeitentaucher .Here is the report: Bericht Webseite: V812 .2021 we managed to make a complete 3D-Scan of the wreck. Now it is 3D-Printed and will be displayed in a Museum in Germany. Diver Model My wife was the model for all the tiny divers … Continue reading Model of V812
  • Wilhelmshaven Collection
    Wow, there are quite a lot models from the old military harbor. Diving there is the best during winter time. You can find my Collection here: Wilhelmshaven
  • Wilhelmshaven Ponton
    English: There is a quite huge pontoon in the old harbor of Wilhelmshaven in a water depth of 10m. Obviously it was used to transport round items with 4,7m in diameter. Probably it was used to transport parts of submarines during the Second World War. 27 submarines were built in the harbor of Wilhelmshaven. The … Continue reading Wilhelmshaven Ponton
  • Wilhelmshaven Old Jetty
    In the North of the old military harbor in Wilhelmshaven (Banter See) there are two quite big objects. We identified them as swim jetties (German: Schwimmsteg). They were built during the Second World War and can be seen in historical photos. Can you find the bicycle in the picture? Comparison today and 1945 – You … Continue reading Wilhelmshaven Old Jetty
  • Wilhelmshaven IGLU
    The ‘Banter See’ is an old harbor at the north sea and a good diving spot. 1986 a little UW-Station / Habitat was placed there in 10m water depth by the local diving club.You can download the 3D-Files here Short ‘making of’ video
  • The Truck of Hemmoor
    Everybody who knows Hemmor, knows the truck.It is standing on a bridge in front of the ‘Rüttler’ – a device to separate chulk from stones. You can download the 3D-Model here
  • Christmas presents for the ‘Gezeitentaucher’
    I made some Christmas presents for my friends from the ‘Gezeitentaucher’ team.It is a 3D Model of wreck of SS ELSA that we found 2007 in the North sea close to the German island Norderney. It took 10 years to identify it. This year we were able to scan it for 3D in only one … Continue reading Christmas presents for the ‘Gezeitentaucher’
  • Wetnotes
    I have an article about photogrammetry in the German diving magazine ‘Wetnotes’. Twelve pages including the article about the wreck of OSSIAN in The North sea.
  • Car accident in Hemmoor!
    These cars in the chalk lake Hemmoor seem to have an accident.Depth: 20m You can find the 3D-Files in the Download-section
  • Shark!
    The shark of Hemmoor. You can download the model in the Download section.
  • Isn’t she beautiful!
    This puppet is located in the Hemmoor lake in 20m water depth. It seems that she looks down the abyss. You can Download the 3D-File in the Download section!
  • Model of a Rebreather Diver
    I managed to capture a diver on a platform at Hemmoor. It took several tries as it was not that easy for the diver to keep 100% still.
  • 3d model of the dc3 airplane
    Model of the DC3 Airplane at KAS / Turkey
  • “Making of Rüttler” video
    I made a short 1:30 video about the “Rüttler” in Hemmoor.
  • Turkey – Kas
    We went to Kas – turkey for diving in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a really nice village in Turkey. You can find the my 3D-Models of that trip here: Turkey | Dive3D.eu
  • Weitendorf & Wreck X
    Yesterday we gave a 3D Model of ‘WreckX’ to the grandson of the captain. The steamer “Elsa” sank in 1936 in a gale storm in the north sea. Ten men died – two survived. The Team #gezeitentaucher found the wreck in 2007. In 2017, after many measurements and many dives, we finally identified it. Last … Continue reading Weitendorf & Wreck X
  • 3D in the north sea
    The north sea has difficult conditions for divers. There is much current because of the tides and the visibility is always an issue. It was a challenge to try 3D-Models here. But it was worth a try. Our team Gezeitentaucher had some days together with GhostDiving. I used the opportunity and tried 3D-Capturing. of three … Continue reading 3D in the north sea
  • Photogrammetry in Hemmoor
    The lake in Hemmoor is a main diving spot in Germany. It is nice to practice there a little bit with my whole family. You can find my models here
  • Baltic sea wreck identification
    2021 we had another project week. Here are some wrecks and objects that we found Artillery school ship Carl Zeiss In Lithuania, close to the harbor of Klaipeda / Memel lies a huge wreck. The name of the wreck site was “W30”. It looked like it was not identified, or at least we didn’t find … Continue reading Baltic sea wreck identification
  • Steering Wheel of ELBING IX
    The wooden steering wheel of the steamer Elbing 9. Year of construction: 1913 Sank: 1914Cause: mine hit (World War 1) The Elbing 9 was on the way to rescue the shipwrecked man from the armored cruiser Friedrich Carl when it ran into a mine.Position: Lithuania – Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project
  • Wooden wreck
    My first model of an entire wreck site. June 21st 2021 we found a new wreck. Cpt. Linas from the Baltic Sear Heritage Rescue Project saw it on his sonar scan of NZ55 while we were on the way back from an other wreck. We decided to dive there and look what we would find. … Continue reading Wooden wreck
  • Compass housing
    I started capturing bigger objects. Here we have the compass (housing) of the steamer Edith Bosselmann. It is made from wood. The ship sunk in 1942 Model: 1056 pictures from two Gopro 7
  • The first model: The bell of ELBING IX
    The steamer ELBING IX sank in the First World War in 1913. It ran into a mine near Klaipeda (formerly Memel) when it was on its way to rescue the castaways of the warship FRIEDRICH CARL. The bell was found by the BSHRP in 2018. It’s on the wooden deck.In 2019 I was able to … Continue reading The first model: The bell of ELBING IX
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