• Dive Sticker
    Dive-Sticker.com made a new Red Sea logbook sticker set with 288 stickers. And I am very happy, that my wreck models found their way into the collection! This set includes stickers with: fish, coral, plant, wrecks – all images were taken in the Red Sea. You can preorder your set here and they will be … Read more
  • Rossarol Wreck
    We scanned the wreck of the light cruiser Cesare Rossarol (1914-1918) of the Italian Navy. The conditions were rough – bad visibility, waves and current. But I was able to capture both parts of the wreck in two dives. They lie in 50m water depth in Croatia and are 300m apart. Continue here: Cesare Rossarol
  • Scanning in Croatia
    We spontaneously set out to scan the TITANC of the Adriatic: The BARON GAUTSCH. She was the first casualty of World War I. Today she rests in 40m water depth and is a famous diving spot. We had a great support by the Shark Diving Center Medulin and Rovinj Sub. Continue here: BARON GAUTSCH
  • Museum Rostock
    Opening of the new permanent exhibition in the Rostock Maritime Museum (Schifffahrtsmuseum Rostock) . My model of the wreck of the steamer ELSA found its way there. My team Gezeitentaucher and I identified and modeled the wreck in the North Sea.
  • MS Aenne Ursula
    It was time again for the GEZEITENTAUCHER to inspect the coastal freighter Änne Ursula. With a crew of four divers (Ulli, Dirk H, Wilhelm and Holger) and skipper Sabine we had fantastic conditions. We managed to scan the wreck with cameras to create a 3D model. On December 4, 1967, the motor ship “Änne Ursula” … Read more
  • Mohamed Hasabella
    The fishing vessel “FV Mohamed Hasabella” or “MOHAMMED HISABELLA” in 30m water depth. A traditional Egyptianfishing trawler, which sank in January of 2007. We dived and scanned both wrecks on July 19th 2022 during one dive.
  • Vorpostenboot 1101
    My teams GEZEITENTAUCHER and GHOSTDIVING GERMANY worked together in a project week in May 2023. The divers from Ghostdiving were cleaning the wrack of V1101 from ghost nets. And I was able to make a full scan of the wreck for photogrammetry. continue here: V1101 Cutting one ghost net on V1101 The picture shows her … Read more
  • Torpedoboot SMS S-32
    Iron shipwreck 20km west of Fehmarn. It lies in 18m water depth. On April 3, 2023, our team of three divers surveyed the wreck by scanning it with cameras for photogrammetry. In addition, the wreck area was measured using a tape measure. You can find the complete survey report here: German Both the position, its … Read more
  • Art – Scanning sculptures
    Scanning without getting wet? Sounds crazy, but is possible!You can find my collection here: Art
  • BOOT 2023 Düsseldorf
    We were on the BOOT show in Düsseldorf / Germany. Some of my models were shown and I held some presentations about wreck identification and photogrammetry.
  • Deepest mailbox of the world
    19m (63ft) unter sea level – probably the deepest mailbox in the world. The diving center Kreidesee offers to send postcards, which can be sent from this mailbox. For this purpose, waterproof postcards can be purchased in the diving center. The mailbox is emptied weekly and the cards are stamped and sent. Build your own … Read more
  • Thistlegorm V2
    I used the opportunity in Egypt to capture the missing areas of the Thistlegorm wreck. The starboard locomotive was missing as well as the bow area and the sandy bottom. We spent one whole day at that wreck and I made three dives there to scan these areas. Visit my page of the Thistlegorm here … Read more
  • Thistlegorm cargo
    I captured one cargo hold of the Thistlegorm. It contains trucks, motorcycles, guns, airplane wings, etc… She is full of equipment for the war during WW2. You can find the complete ship here: Thistlegorm 3D at Sketchfab 3D-Print You can download the STL-File here
  • Kingston
    The ship was built 1871 in Sunderland. It had sails and a steam machine. A spare propeller lies on the deck. 78m x 10m Cargo: CoalHit the reef Shag Rock in the red sea in 1881.I scanned the wreck on Nov 15th 2022 during one dive.
  • TV report on NDR
    The German TV station NDR made a small report about my work. It was sent Nov. 7th 2022. You can see the video here: Mediathek
  • TV Shootings NDR
    The German TV station NDR filmed my work. We shot in my workshop and in the museum WINDSTÄRKE 10 (Cuxhaven). The museum has recently exhibited one of my models – the Escort vessel V812. During the takes, I scanned the conning tower of Submarine HMS E24, that is exhibited in the ‘wreck section’ of the … Read more
  • Exhibition Museum Cuxhaven
    The museum WINDSTÄRKE 10 (Cuxhaven) added one of my models to the exhibition: Escort vessel V812. This wreck was identified by me and my team Gezeitentaucher in 2019. You can find more ‘making of’ here. Making of
  • Exhibition in Lithuanian Museum
    I am proud to tell that we can exhibit models, pictures, paintings and stories about two wrecks in the maritime museum of Klaipėda / Lithuania. We from the BalticSeaHeritageRescueProject worked on the creation of the exhibits for about three years. About 500.000 visitors will see this exhibition during the next 12 month. In fact, these … Read more
  • Conference at the museum
    There was a conference about the stories of Baltic Sea at the maritime museum of Klaipeda. I spoke about “Wreck identification and photogrammetry”. You can find all presentations of the conference here and here
  • Gezeitentaucher
    We “Gezeitentaucher” (tide divers) finally got our new boat. We made our first trip to the escort vessel “Vorpostenboot V810”, that sank July 1944 after air raid attack. More here
  • Klaipeda 2022
    We just finished the project week: “Wrecks – Identification, documentation and 3D” of the Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project BSHRP. Together with captain Linas and his diving ship NZ55, we dived seven days in the Baltic Sea. We dived and scanned some new exciting wrecks. On an international conference in September we will present some … Read more
  • Vernissage Grossensee
    Elmar invited to the opening of the Grossensee exhibition in the museum www.museum-hoisdorf.de They are showing my collection of these models: Grossensee Numerous visitors visited the special exhibition “Wrecks in the Grossensee” in the village museum on Saturday. For 2.5 years, a volunteer conservationist had been carrying out underwater archaeological investigations in the Großesee for … Read more
  • Scanning the Salem Express
    In July my wife and I scanned the famous Salem Express. 1991 the ferry struck a reef in the Red Sea. The accident happened at night and the ferry sank very quickly. Only 200 people were able to save themselves. Officially, there was talk of around 700 victims, probably significantly more. The wreck has been … Read more
  • Airbrush
    Some models cannot be colored with simple brushes. So, I decided to try airbrush. I attended an airbrush taster course and am amazed at what is possible with this technique. For sure I will use this in addition to my normal brush painting. I was at the professional airbrush artist Roland Kuck
  • Hurghada
    We went to Egypt – again. This time just for holiday with the family. Anyway, we took the opportunity to dive and scan some wrecks there. We went to the hotel Jaz Makadina at Makadi Bay. It is close to Hurghada and has a diving base of Scubaworld. We met the the manager Herbert there … Read more
  • DIVE Magazine
    I am proud to announce that the international magazine DIVE issue # 27 has covered our 3D liveaboard project in the Red Sea. As you know my wife and me scanned 8 1/2 wrecks in fife days. Including the famous wrecks of Thistlegorm, Giannis D, Chrisoula K, Carnatic, Ulysses, Kimon M, … You can find … Read more
  • Schweriner See
    Elmar, Erhardt and I were invited by Kosi from this diving base: https://dive-schwerin.de, to dive two very interesting wrecks: A fighter aircraft from 1954 and a wooden wreck from 1911. Find the models here: SchwerinerSee
  • Thistlegorm
    The German magazine Divemaster (Issue 113) released my artice about the famous Thistlegorm. On eight pages, my wife and I tell the story of how we scanned and built the model of the wreck. You can find the model here: Thistlegorm
  • Fehmarn
    My wife Nicola and I were invited by the diving base www.atlantis-tauchshop.hamburg to scan the wrecks around Fehmarn. You can find the scans and the wrecks here: Fehmarn An interesting meeting We were pleased to meet Ingo Oppelt. He is the captain of a wreck search and survey boat on the Baltic Sea and has … Read more
  • France – Hyeres
    I successfully completed diving instructor exam (TL**) in southern France It was an exciting week with a great team! I took the opportunity to scan two wrecks.: Ville de Grasse an Michel C. And of course my darling was with me … so my 3D printer We were able to surprise the trainers at the … Read more
  • Hemmoor
    Kreidesee – again! There was the DIR-GER meeting of tec-divers that we wanted to join. Always a pleasure to meet all the crazy divers. And there were still some items missing in my 3D-collection. You can find the complete Hemmoor collection here.And the 3D-Files for Download here. Concrete bomb – Betonbombe Boat at E5 Quite … Read more
  • Egypt 1
    My wife and me went on a diving safari to the Red Sea. We did the ‘North Tour’ with lots of wrecks. The Goal: Nine wrecks in fife Days – that was quite a challenge! We took the Ship MY BLUE PEARL from https://www.blueplanet-liveaboards.com/ It will take some days to process all the data. You … Read more
  • Messinghausen
    SEE IM BERG – “MESSINGHAUSEN” – An old quarry in a mountain is a great diving spot in Germany. https://www.see-im-berg.de/ Find the files for 3D-Printing here: Messinghausen
  • Wetnotes: Carl Zeiss
    Six pages in the diving magazine #wetnotes about our investigation of a wreck in the Baltic Sea. The inevitably uninteresting wreck ‘W30’ turns out to be the training ship ‘Carl Zeiss’ that sank in the Baltic Sea during World War II. We examined and scanned it as part of the BalticSeaHeritageRescueProjects. My model will be … Read more
  • Grossensee
    There is an old lake “Großensee” close to Hamburg. The underwater archaeologist Elmar Klemm examines the history of the lake and the wooden wrecks. I was invited to make the 3D-Models for the project.Elmars website: historytaucher.de See my 3D-Collection at Sketchfab.com here Wreck One The main wreck and the biggest so far. It was an … Read more
  • Model of V812
    The Escort vessel “Vorpostenboot 812” was found and identified in 2019 by the Gezeitentaucher .Here is the report: Bericht Webseite: V812 .2021 we managed to make a complete 3D-Scan of the wreck. Now it is 3D-Printed and will be displayed in a Museum in Germany. Diver Model My wife was the model for all the tiny divers … Read more
  • Wilhelmshaven Collection
    Wow, there are quite a lot models from the old military harbor. Diving there is the best during winter time. You can find my Collection here: Wilhelmshaven
  • Wilhelmshaven Ponton
    English: There is a quite huge pontoon in the old harbor of Wilhelmshaven in a water depth of 10m. Obviously it was used to transport round items with 4,7m in diameter. Probably it was used to transport parts of submarines during the Second World War. 27 submarines were built in the harbor of Wilhelmshaven. The … Read more
  • Wilhelmshaven Old Jetty
    In the North of the old military harbor in Wilhelmshaven (Banter See) there are two quite big objects. We identified them as swim jetties (German: Schwimmsteg). They were built during the Second World War and can be seen in historical photos. Can you find the bicycle in the picture? Comparison today and 1945 – You … Read more
  • Wilhelmshaven IGLU
    The ‘Banter See’ is an old harbor at the north sea and a good diving spot. 1986 a little UW-Station / Habitat was placed there in 10m water depth by the local diving club.You can download the 3D-Files here Short ‘making of’ video
  • The Truck of Hemmoor
    Everybody who knows Hemmor, knows the truck.It is standing on a bridge in front of the ‘Rüttler’ – a device to separate chulk from stones. You can download the 3D-Model here
  • Christmas presents for the ‘Gezeitentaucher’
    I made some Christmas presents for my friends from the ‘Gezeitentaucher’ team.It is a 3D Model of wreck of SS ELSA that we found 2007 in the North sea close to the German island Norderney. It took 10 years to identify it. This year we were able to scan it for 3D in only one … Read more
  • Wetnotes
    I have an article about photogrammetry in the German diving magazine ‘Wetnotes’. Twelve pages including the article about the wreck of OSSIAN in The North sea.
  • Car accident in Hemmoor!
    These cars in the chalk lake Hemmoor seem to have an accident.Depth: 20m Here my Hemmoor collection: Link You can find the 3D-Files in the Download-section
  • Shark!
    The shark of Hemmoor. You can download the model in the Download section.