Exhibition in Lithuanian Museum

I am proud to tell that we can exhibit models, pictures, paintings and stories about two wrecks in the maritime museum of Klaipėda / Lithuania. We from the BalticSeaHeritageRescueProject worked on the creation of the exhibits for about three years. About 500.000 visitors will see this exhibition during the next 12 month. In fact, these two wrecks were the largest models I’ve built to date.
You can find the exhibition at the Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipeda: https://muziejus.lt/ – The models are located at the end of the Aquarium tour.

Edith Bosselmann

This steamer sank in the second World War. All lives were lost. Our team of the BalticSeaHeritageRescueProject found and identified the wreck.

My model at the exhibition

Elbing IX

This steamship sank in the first World War. Her sacrifice saved 1000 lives. More here: ELBING IX

My model at the exhibition


They made a great animation of the Elbing IX to tell her story and bring her back to life. It was unbelievable when I saw that! There were even video goggles to stand on the bridge while the ship hits the mine.


Herbert Buss from Germany (Moormerland) made these fantastic paintings for the exhibition. It is oil on canvas (50 x 70cm).
Visit his website here: www.herbertbuss.de



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