Lina Star

The Syrian MS Lina Star, on passage Sevastopol to Algiers carrying a cargo of soda, foundered when at anchor in Vatika Bay, Neapolis Voron, after her engine room flooded.

Dimensions: 65,5 x 9,1 x 3,8m
Built: 1966
Sunk: 21/02/2000
Built by: De Groot & V. Vliet, Slikkerveer (Rotterdam)
Wreck depth: 52m
IMO 6700913

1982: HEGA
1985: ASPA,
1986:Anastasia P
1992: Sabri,
1996: Lina STAR

More information here: wrecksite

The dive

Our team #kostafastgarnix dived and scanned the wreck in October 2023. The depth is around 52m.

The model

The model is made in two pieces. You can find it in the Download area.