Hans Schmidt

Okay, guys – this is confusing. When you landed onto this page, you most likely were searching for the ‘wrong’ Hans Schmidt: Contantinos
By mistake, the shipwreck of Constantinos was known for years as the German steamer Hans Schmidt. If you want to dive on this wreck, ask the diving center for “Welmont”.

Hans Schmidt (formerly Albireo) was constructed in 1920 by the Nieuwe Waterweg in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and belonging to the German company Heinrich Schmidt GmbH based in Flensburg, Germany, at the time of her sinking. The Hans Schmidt was 117m long, 15.3 m wide, and had a gross register tonnage (GRT) of 4,427; she sank after a mine impact near Pula on January 24, 1943

Only a small part of the once huge cargo ship remains. A salvage company tried to lift the wreck. Containers were welded on and filled with air. This was not possible in the front area of ​​the ship because of the cargo that is still in the holds. The containers can still be found on the port side. The tip of the bow has been cut off.

We measured the width of the wreck and it fits to the width of Hans Schmidt. So, this wreck is most likely the original Hans Schmidt.

The model