The name “Maona” was given by the local diving centers. The small cargo ship (Type Péniche) in 36m water depth close to the light house of Rovinj in Croatia. The correct Name during the Second World War was “MFS Westküst”

The tank peniche Westküst was built in Venice mid 1944 by Cantiere navale Ernesto Breda di Marghera.

On the night of 10th September 1944, the British MTB 374 and MTB 295 were seekng targets off the Istrian coast of Rovigno/Rovinj, when they found and captured a 300 ton barge/peniche/barža named The lighter Westküst. They took 7 crew as prisoners out of 9 members on board and scuttled the barge with a torpedo. The other 2 crew, jumped overboard and escaped to the nearest island. The local name of the wreck is maona.

I’ve made the 3D scan in June 2024