The shallow wreck at the Greek island Monemvasia in 20m water depth. These are the remains of a steel ship. It is hard to say which kind of ship it was. There are no boilers and no machine or screw. Regarding the position it is most likely the remain of the Greek torpedo boat Kydoniai that sank close to Monemvasia on April 26, 1941. It was attacked in the port of Monemvasia by 12 German Air Force aircraft with aerial bombs and machine guns. Badly damaged and sunk together with the steamer ZAKYNTHOS. The crew took shelter on the rocks on the coast during the attack and returned on foot to Piraeus, where they arrived 10 days later.
1952 by the O.A.N. (Greek: Scrapping Committee) auctioned off for scrapping. The barrels around the wreck were probably used to keep the ship floating or trying to afloat it after it sank.