Avantis III

Wreck in 27-49m water depth – Greece.
On 19 November 2004, the motor vessel “AVANTIS III”was on her way from Messolongi to Cyprus, loaded with building materials like bricks etc. and one motorcycle. In the early morning the ship hit the Dorousa Island, in good weather conditions and sank on that position. 11 of 12 persons were able to get into a the liferaft. They were picked up by the coast guard – taken to Aegina, located near Athens. Unfortunately the 35-year-old ship’s cook lost his life. He was never found.

Originally the ship was called “Akershus” and was renamed “Avantis III” in 1982. Size: 79.1 x 12.8 x 4.5 (m) Motor: 1 diesel engine, single shaft, 1 screw

The Dive

Our team #kostafastgarnix dived the wreck in September 2023.
UW-Pics by Tim. I scanned the wreck and a part of the reef to get a nice panorama.

3D Model

Creating the printable model wasn’t that easy. I had to remove structures that were too fine to print. And I had to cut it into four pieces. You can find the files in the Download section.