Built in 1903 in Rostock as MIMI HORN
Dimensions: 91,6 x 13,2 x 5,8 m
You can dive this wreck with MegaleHellas in Calabria (Italy)

The Italian merchant Pasubio SS (2.216 GRT) was torpedoed by British submarine HMS Unrivalled when on route from Crotone for Messina.
On February 15, 1943, the steamer “Pasubio” under the command of Nicolo Giadrossi from Veli Lošinj traveled in a convoy from the port of Crotone to Messina. The cargo was coal and live cattle. Also in the convoy were the steamers “Iris”, “Raffio” and the torpedo boat “Pegaso”. The convoy had previously arrived in Crotone from the port of Taranto. The journey was uneventful throughout the night, but late on the morning of February 16, the convoy was spotted by the British submarine HMS Unrivaled. The submarine saw smoke coming from the funnel of a small convoy at 11:11 a.m. The torpedo boat “Pegaso” discovered the submarine at 11:40 a.m. and made good contact with the submarine using sonar 12 minutes later. It fired a shell to warn the others in the convoy and attacked the submarine with depth charges. At 12:15 p.m. the British submarine fired four torpedoes at the ship at the head of the convoy, which appeared to be full of cargo: it was the “Pasubio”. From the ship “Pasubio” they saw traces of three torpedoes. They were able to avoid the first two by maneuvering. The third hit in hold 2. The ship sank immediately about nine miles 202° (southeast) of Punta Stilo. Of the 22 crew members, 21 survived. Only the commander Nicola Giadrossi (Nikola Jadrošić) was missing, who sank along with the ship.

The wreck

The wreck today is still well preserved. The three-bladed propeller is located at -43m. At the stern the rudder wheel is really nice and an excellent photographic subject. The apparently empty holds were carrying coal, much of the cargo is clearly visible.


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