There are many great diving spots in Croatia! Still a lot to do 🙂

Baron Gautsch

Christian has been fascinated by this wreck for years and collects everything there is about it. Now we could finally finish the project.
Continue here: BARON GAUTSCH

Cesare Rossarol

Cesare Rossarol was a light cruiser of the Italian Navy. It sunk 1918 during the First World War.
Continue here: CEASRE ROSSAROL

Constantinos (Hans Schmidt)

By mistake, the shipwreck was known for years as the German steamer Hans Schmidt. The Greek iron cargo ship CONSTANTINOS was ran onto a mine between Pola & Venice when on the 3rd April 1919. Link

Hans Schmidt (Welmont)

This wreck is most likely the real Hans Schmidt. she sank after a mine impact near Pula on January 24, 1943 Link


The name “Maona” was given by the local diving centers. The small cargo ship (Type Péniche) in 36m water depth close to the light house of Rovinj in Croatia. The correct Name during the Second World War was “MFS Westküst”. Link

Arrigo (John Gilmour)

The steamer ARRIGO was built in 1883 in Glasgow (Great Britain). It sank on October 31, 1894 after a collision. The wreck is usually called “John Gilmour” divers found a plaque with the name of the engine manufacturer “John Gilmour & Co Engineers Glasgow 1883”. Link


On Jan 18th 1915 the Italian cargo steamer VARESE was on passage from Sfax to Venice when she struck an Austrian mine near Pula. Link

Giuseppe Dezza

TA35 Giuseppe Dezza was an Italian destroyer named Pilade Bronzetti and built in 1916. She sunk during the Second World War. Link

Diving center Rovinj Sub

The father of the owner, Roberto found the wreck of the Baron Gautsch back in the 60th. We had a great support from them and they made it possible for us to go out despite the difficult weather situation.
Link: Rovinj Sub.

Diving center Shark Medulin

A great diving center where you can get equipment for technical divers (doubles, Trimix etc.). And they even have a boat with an elevator 😉
Link: Shark Diving Center Medulin

The Old Diver

…no, it is not Marko that is meant by “the old diver”. It’s just the Name of the diving center. It is located at the beach in a nice camping area.