There are many great diving spots in Croatia! Still a lot to do 🙂

Baron Gautsch

Christian has been fascinated by this wreck for years and collects everything there is about it. Now we could finally finish the project.
Continue here: BARON GAUTSCH

Cesare Rossarol

Cesare Rossarol was a light cruiser of the Italian Navy. It sunk 1918 during the First World War.
Continue here: CEASRE ROSSAROL

Diving center Rovinj Sub

The father of the owner, Roberto found the wreck of the Baron Gautsch back in the 60th. We had a great support from them and they made it possible for us to go out despite the difficult weather situation.
Link: Rovinj Sub.

Diving center Shark Medulin

A great diving center where you can get equipment for technical divers (doubles, Trimix etc.). And they even have a boat with an elevator 😉
Link: Shark Diving Center Medulin