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Wreck survey reports

North Sea: WreckX – Steamer ELSA

Year of construction: 1917
Sunk: 1932
Cause: storm
We discovered this wreck in 2007 and have already dived many times. After seminars in underwater archeology, we had the necessary tools and were able to clearly identify them.
Here the survey report WrackX 
Webseite: WrackX

North Sea: Vorpostenboot V812

year of construction: 1930
Sunk: 1944
Cause: Air raid (World War II)
We searched for a long time for this wreck, which sank somewhere between “Ems and Elbe” in 1944. Only a self-developed flow sensor got us on the track …
Here is the report: Bericht
Webseite: V812

North Sea: Vorpostenboot V1101

Year of construction: 1930
Sunk: 1944
Cause: Air raid (World War II)
The outpost boat was actually completely blown up and disposed of in 1970. However, we found it almost undamaged in a different position than indicated. It turned out that two wrecks were mixed up.
Here is the report: Bericht

North Sea: WreckY – Swedish steamer OSSIAN

Built: 1892
Sank 1941
Cause: World war II
We examined this wreck for the first time in 2020. It turned out to be the Swedish steamer Ossian, which drove in a convoy on its way from Sweden to Rotterdam and was sunk by English planes.
Here the report: German or Englisch 
Website @Gezeitentaucher: WrackY

North Sea: Änne Ursula

Built: 1950
Sank: 1967
Cause: Storm
On December 4 or 5, 1967, the motor ship “Änne Ursula”, ank in the North Sea off the East Frisian Islands. The crew of five found the death of the sailor.
Here the report: German

Baltic sea: Steamer ELBING IX 

Sunk: 1914
Cause: mine hit (World War 1)
The Elbing 9 was on the way to rescue the shipwrecked man from the armored cruiser Friedrich Carl when it ran into a mine.
Here is the report: Deutsch & Englisch 

Baltic sea: Steamer EDITH BOSSELMANN ex. Rita Maersk

Year of construction: 1925
Sunk: 1942
Cause: torpedo attack from submarine or mine (2nd World War)
There were eyewitnesses on another ship who reported a submarine and the attack on the steamer Ed Bosselmann.
Here is the report in Deutsch & English

Baltic sea: Steamer URSULA FISCHER
ex. Senator Hollesen

Year of construction: 1902
Sunk: 1915
Cause: Mine (World War 1)
The freighter transported spoils of war from a city that had been captured shortly before. They had two planes on board that could still be launched from the sinking ship and that were still flying to the coast.
Here is the report in Deutsch

Baltic sea: Artillerieschulschiff (E-Meßschiff) MS Carl Zeiss 

Artillery training ship Carl Zeiss
Year of construction: 1939
Sunk: 1944
Cause: Mine (2nd World War)
On November 9, 1942, the ship MS Karl Zeiß ran into a mine near Saßnitz. It was later made buoyant; in October 1944 it was planned as a block ship for Dünamünde. When being towed to there on October 14, 1944, it leaped near Memel / Klaipeda and sank.
Here is the report in Englisch

Baltic sea: Steamer Anna Katrin Fritzen

Year of construction: 1910
Sank: 1942
Cause: Submarine torpedo (2nd World War)
On July 5th 1942 the ship was in a convoy on the way south between Memel and Nidden. The soviet submarine SC-320 fired a torpedo and destroyed the ship. Our Team identified the wreck as the German “Anna Katrin Fritzen”.
Here is the report in English & Deutsch

Warre of Hull 1802-1823

We identified the wreck during a Project week of the “Baltic sea heritage and rescue project” in 2020. It took two years until I was able to publish my survey report.
Here the report in English

Baltic Sea: Torpedoboot SMS S-32

SMS S32, was a torpedo boat of the Imperial German Navy. She was built in 1886 by Schichau at Elbing, as one of a large number of small torpedo boats of similar design built for the German navy. S32 was sunk in a collision with the torpedo boat S76 in the Baltic Sea on 17 August 1910.
Here the Report in German: Link


Current sensor

Hier der Bericht: Strömungssensor