Baron Gautsch

In August 2023 Christian and I went to Croatia to dive and scan the famous BARON GAUTSCH wreck. They say it is the TITANIC of the Adriatic Sea.

SS Baron Gautsch was a passenger ship that sank in the northern Adriatic Sea on 13 August 1914, after running into a minefield laid by the Austro-Hungarian Navy. The sinking resulted in the deaths of 127 passengers and crew members. They were the first victims of the First World War.

The passenger ship was 84.5 meters long, 11.64 meters wide and had a maximum draft of 7.5 meters. Today it lies in around 40m water depth.

You can find the 3D-files for printing here: Link

Video Making Of


I did two dives on the wreck. We had strong currents so I had to use a scooter to scan.

3D Model

You can download the 3D-Files here: Shop

Big model

I made a big version for the permanent exhibition in the Aquarium Pula (Croatia). It took around 200 hours of printing and many hours for painting. But the result is really nice.

State Archives in Italy

We went ti Italy and found the original folders from 1914 regarding the faith of the wrack. I will publish some interesting stories from the survivors in magazines etc.