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Hemmoor Ruettler – 41MB STL File 19,95 EUR by Paypal

Hemmoor Safe

Hemmoor Contrete Bomb 40m – Betonbombe liegend

Hemmoor Concrete bomb – Betonbombe

Hemmoor Boat 35m at E5

Hemmoor Caravan – Wohnwagen auf 40m

Hemmoor Siling Yacht

Hemmoor Light House – Leuchtturm

Hemmoor Yellow Airplane

Hemmoor Ultralight Airplane

Hemmoor Mannequin – Isn’t she beautiful!

Rebreather Diver

Hemmoor the Shark

Hemmoor Car accident

Hemmoor Old Jetty

Hemmoor Truck


WHV Rangefinder (Messbalken)

WHV Tauchtunnel – Rohr

WHV Boats 20m

WHV UBoot Ponton

WHV Jetties

WHV Car 20m

WHV Tretboot Puck

WHV Schute Docksenkgrube


Messinghausen: Trabbi

Messinghausen: Bus & boat

Schwerin: Mig-17

Schwerin: Kaffenkahn

North Sea: V1101

Grossensee collection

Art and others

Baltic sea

Lithuania Fishing Vessel 32m

Lithuania Submarine U-580

Fehmarn Dreimaster Lehnskov

Fehmarn Sailing Boat La Belle

Fehmarn Prahm

Fehmarn Sagasbank Holzwrack

Fehmarn Mini Uboot Seehund

Fehmarn Strassenbagger

Fehmarn Torpedoboot SMS S32


Amphorae Kas – Turkey

DC3 Airplane

Tank (Panzer)


Carnatic 1869

SalemExpress – 55MB STL Files 29,95EUR by Paypal

Thistlegorm – V2 – 85MB STL Files 29,95EUR by Paypal


Locomotive at the Thistlegorm


Giannis D


Kimon M

Chrisoula K

El Mina

Thistlegorm old Version


Steamer Michel C 1900

Paddel Steam Ship Ville de Grasse 1851


Baron Gautsch (29,95 EUR)

Cesare Rossarol Stern

Cesare Rossarol Bow

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