German Warship

Unknown ship from World War 2. It it still fully loaded with ammunition of different sizes and has an anti air gun (Flak) in the front. Obviously it was used for transporting ammunition.

Size: 37,8 x 5,1m
Diesel machine


Position: 38°31N 023°33E (approx.)
Gulf of Euripos, close to Chalkida.
Depth: 35m

Chalkida (modern Greek Χαλκίδα Chalkída), formerly also called Chalkis (ancient Greek Χαλκίς Chalkís), is the capital of the Greek island of Euböa. A municipality in the Central Greece region, it stretches on both sides of the narrow Euripos strait with two municipalities on the mainland and three on the central west coast of the island. A special feature is that there are tides in the Bay of Chalkida and therefore the direction of the current in the strait under the bridge changes with ebb and flow every six hours.

The Dive

Our team #kostafastgarnix dived there in September 2023. The visibility was medium and there was a silky mud on the wreck. Close to the sandy bottom there was almost zero visibility. We dived with the diving base THALASSA with George Monastiroglou.


The model