The Kreidesee is a well-known diving spot near Cuxhaven in Lower Saxony. The visibility is usually good. There are many original exhibits from chalk mining and artificially sunk objects.


The pusher separator of the Kreidesees is colloquially called “Rüttler”. It lies at a depth of approx. 20-45m.

The recordings of four dives were combined for the model:

  • Rüttler with truck (35min)
  • the area with master stalls and St. Andrew’s cross (35min)
  • The lower stairs were recorded with Trimix (approx. 5min)
  • The mailbox (5min)

The yellow airplane

Hemmoor Gelbes Flugzeug auf 54m

Airplane Piper

Flugzeug Piper in Hemmoor in 7m Wassertiefe

Plane Piper in Hemmoor in 7m water depth
The aircraft is hanging on a rope at entry 0 at a depth of 6-10m


Due to the depth of 56m, the wreck can only be reached with Trimix

Kreidesee Hemmoor Mahusan

Entry one

The model was created because we had a few minutes of deco. I filmed the environment and calculated it later. It is incomplete because too many divers were there that day.

Hemmoor Einstieg Eins

Conveyor Belt

Old Jetty

An old jetty left of Entry 0

Ultra light plane

The plane was once hanging on the rope that the Piper is now hanging on.
It is at entry 5 at a depth of 45m. Interestingly, hardly anyone knows it.

Sailing yacht “Hemmoor”

Depth: 15m

Light house

The lighthouse in Hemmoor. The upper grid was not modeled because the visibility was too bad in shallow area.

Depth: 15m

The Truck

Car accident

These cars in the chalk lake Hemmoor seem to have an accident.Depth: 20m You can find the 3D-Files in the Download-section

Concrete bomb

Boat at E5 (40m)


Concrete Bomb 40m (Betonbombe)

It lies close to entry E1 on 40m depth


Safe between Entry E0 and E1 on 18m water depth


The diving center Kreidesee offers to send postcards, which can be sent from “Germany’s deepest mailbox”. For this purpose, waterproof postcards can be purchased in the diving center. The mailbox is emptied weekly and the cards are stamped and sent.

Mannequin Puppet

This puppet is located in the Hemmoor lake in 20m water depth. It seems that she looks down the abyss.
Here my Hemmoor collection: Link

You can Download the 3D-File in the Download section!