Anna Katrin Fritzen

Close to Klaipeda there is this area of an unknown wreck. First we thought there were at least two wrecks. But after the 3D-modelling, we found out that it is only one disturbed wreck. The boiler lies several meters away from this place. We measured a distance of 59m between the bow and stern stevens.

The level of destruction combined with low visibility made it difficult to correctly relate the wreckage. Only through modeling by our team using photogrammetry could it be clarified that it was a single steamship. We were also able to determine the exact length of the ship using a tape measure. Through this information and research in archives, the wreck could clearly be identified as “Anna Katrin Fritzen” of the shipping company “Fritzen Johs. & Sohn” in Emden / Germany.

On July 5, 1942, the ship was in a convoy of five ships heading south. At 11:01 they were sighted by the Soviet submarine Shch-320, which was about 5 nm to the south. The convoy therefore drove towards the submarine. At 11:51, the submarine launched a torpedo that hit the ship in the rear and quickly caused her to sink. The three survivors were on the forecastle and were able to save themselves. 10 sailors lost their lives.

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