Torpedoboot SMS S-32

Iron shipwreck 20km west of Fehmarn. It lies in 18m water depth.
On April 3, 2023, our team of three divers surveyed the wreck by scanning it with cameras for photogrammetry. In addition, the wreck area was measured using a tape measure.

You can find the complete survey report here: German

Both the position, its dimensions, as well as the basic structure and the steam boiler, which is unusual for German torpedo boats, leave no doubt that it is the torpedo boat SMS S32, which sank in 1910 after a collision. SMS S32, was a torpedo boat of the Imperial German Navy. She was built in 1886 by Schichau in Elbing as one of many small torpedo boats of a similar design for the German Navy. The S32 was the only one of its series to be fitted with two Yarrow boilers for testing.

S32 served from 1894 to 1899 as a training boat with the 1st Torpedo Division in Kiel. From June 5, 1910, S32 served as a tender for the light cruiser Danzig, which was subordinate to the Naval Artillery Inspectorate for the training of the fleet’s gunners. During the night of August 16/17, she was involved in a collision with the torpedo boat S76 in the Kiel outer fjord. Danzig came to the rescue with tenders and took on their crews. Both boats sank, although S76 was later salvaged and returned to service.

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