We went to Egypt – again. This time just for holiday with the family. Anyway, we took the opportunity to dive and scan some wrecks there.

We went to the hotel Jaz Makadina at Makadi Bay. It is close to Hurghada and has a diving base of Scubaworld. We met the the manager Herbert there and he arranged two wreck diving trips to support my scanning work. I can show the first results of the Minesweeper and a fishing trawler now. The trawler is just some diving minutes apart from the minesweeper, so we decided to scan both during one dive.

One bigger wreck is still on process and I will publish it later.

El Mina

The minesweeper lies in 30m water depth. The correct name was “Minija”. She sank Feb 2nd 1970 after an Israeli airstrike. The visibility can be quite quite poor, caused by other divers and strong current.

You can find the Model here: El Mina

Fishing Trawler

The fishing vessel “FV Mohamed Hasabella” lies close to the mine sweeper “El Mina” in 30m water depth. Only some minutes diving distance at south of the wreck of the minesweeper at Hurghada, Red Sea (Egypt).

You can find the Model here: HurghadaTrawler

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